Pretty in Pink

My latest custom make that will be going all the way to Singapore!

I love the Medium sized Cotton Ear Bunny, there are so many designs and colour combinations I can do.

I’m going to try and make a variety of different colour combinations for a photo shoot!

Maybe a photo shoot on the Beach!


Naked Cotton Ear Bunnies and an open top bus!

I’m waiting for a new cotton order to arrive so I can make more Naked bunnies!

My plan is to have a range of bunnies that are simple in lovely Pastel colours that would make a lovely newborn gift.

Each bunny will have a rattle in it and can have the option of a name tag to personalised them.

Watch this space for the whole range of colours ( hurry up postman!)

Yesterday we went on a family adventure on an open top bus which was fun and quite hectic at the same time. It was a nice way to see a part of the Island the kids certainly enjoyed it!

The Cotton Ear Company Isle of Wight

Well we are here and despite putting most of my crafting equipment into storage I made sure I kept all my essential toy making equipment easy to un pack and I’ve started to make toys again, yay.

This is the first post of my new blog.

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