Lock down 2020

Gosh I realise I am so very rubbish at blogging regularly!

Anyway first of all if you are reading this I hope you are all well and staying safe.

We have all been in lock down since the close of schools, that’s myself my husband who is a teacher at a secondary school and our four children aged 13, 12, 8 and 6.

Two of our children go to special school so they could have still attended but we decided as a family it was safer if we all stayed at home.

Me taking pictures in the background of pegs, Hattie watching and my Freddie posing for a photo taken by his dad. Pretty good picture to sum us all up 😂

Fortunately all our extended family live on the mainland and not the Isle of Wight where we now live. So we are used to video calling them and haven’t been tempted to see them and risk passing anything on as that isn’t a option. We do miss them alot though I especially miss my mum. But we are looking forward to seeing them when the lockdown is lifted. I imagine it will be very emotional all round.

Anyway, as I haven’t had the endless school runs ( my children all go to different schools) and meetings and appointments to attend I have thrown myself into crafting and started a new line of toys in the form of Wooden Peg Dolls.

There are a fair few peg doll painters on the market and they are so lovely, in particular a business on Etsy called Scuplture Elf. Louise offered me advice over how to have a go at painting pegs and I’m very grateful for that.


It has been a massive learning curve but I’m hoping that in the near future I will have some for sale. And post lockdown I will hopefully be ae to do some craft fairs on the island. The beauty is that I can paint pegs in batches and then create crochet accessories for them. I have lots of ideas floating around my head!

They are all painted with eco paints so are environmentally sound and safe. Due to the size the majority will be 3+

I have also managed to find a very talented wood turner on the Island, Andy Fortune, from The Mulburry Tree Wood Turnery. Andy is going to have a go at turning me some peg dolls to paint. This means they will have a very low carbon foot print as all Island based and that I will have my own personal designs and shapes. Making them pretty unique!


First batch of trail peg dolls from Andy
These are the painted version of Andy’s peg dolls. My Freddie has claimed them as his own.

As well as selling them on my new Folksy shop I’ll be stocking them in Pocket Full of Pebbles when the shops are back open, and I might put some in Tapnel Farm.

The other new and exciting thing we have been making the most of during lock down is our beloved rickshaw.

I’ll post pictures very soon as I have a new sticker on it’s way for the back. You may well see us whizzing around Cowes and Gunard for our daily exercise. It has been a complete god send!

I will of course still be selling my crochet toys as this is and always will be my main business. The pegs just mean I can go to craft fairs with a full amount of stock. Due to the time crochet toys take I never have much time to create stock and the ones I make tend to get bought up straight away by my lovely customers and for that I am truley grateful.

Tiny Rainbow bunny sent out to one of my lovely customers during lockdown

Stay safe and I’ll update again very soon x Kate

Recent order winging it’s way to California! Hope they arrive safe and sound

Tiz the season to be busy!

I’m awful at keeping up to date with writing on my website blog so I am now going to make a real effort and post at least once a week.

I’ve been working on including something a little extra with toys that come direct from me. With help from the lovely Wendy at Betzee I’m coming up with some ideas that give a bit of a back story to my toys.

I’ve had some seriously cute books printed by Wendy, more about that soon!

I’ve also been working with another lovely friend Caron French, we are booked in to decorate a Christmas tree that will feature as part of the Brighstone Christmas tree festival.

Here is a pic of what it is looking like so far

All the toys on the tree will be for sale when the Christmas tree festival is finished early January.

I have two lovely new bunny patterns to try when I have finished my custom orders.. and I’ll be testing a new design that has moving legs and arms so can be standing or sitting.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page and instagram and on here for weekly updates of what I’ll be working on 🥰

Pocket full of pebbles Cowes Isle of Wight

I have now got some of my toys for sale in a lovely little toy shop on Cowes High Street.

Its really lovely seeing them in there.

Busy busy busy

Well with the kids now out of school for summer I have limited toy making time.

Therefore my order book is closed until the first week in September.

I’ve also agreed to supply toys for a lovely little toy shop in cowes town centre. And signed up to a Christmas fair at the church around the corner.

Now that we are all together we are really enjoying island life.

The sea was very calm this morning and it feels a little cooler.

Update on current makes coming soon

Kate x

Pretty in Pink

My latest custom make that will be going all the way to Singapore!

I love the Medium sized Cotton Ear Bunny, there are so many designs and colour combinations I can do.

I’m going to try and make a variety of different colour combinations for a photo shoot!

Maybe a photo shoot on the Beach!


Naked Cotton Ear Bunnies and an open top bus!

I’m waiting for a new cotton order to arrive so I can make more Naked bunnies!

My plan is to have a range of bunnies that are simple in lovely Pastel colours that would make a lovely newborn gift.

Each bunny will have a rattle in it and can have the option of a name tag to personalised them.

Watch this space for the whole range of colours ( hurry up postman!)

Yesterday we went on a family adventure on an open top bus which was fun and quite hectic at the same time. It was a nice way to see a part of the Island the kids certainly enjoyed it!